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  • 家庭醫生簽約隨訪工作站

    摘要: 面向基層市場推出的一款標準數字化家庭醫生服務方案類產品,上市多年來深受各級各地衛健主管部門以及基層醫務工作者的一致好評。A standard digital family doctor servi


    A standard digital family doctor service solution product launched for the grassroots market, which has been highly praised by health authorities at all levels and grassroots medical workers for many years since its launch.


    This workstation adopts an intelligent integration solution of digital hardware integrated operating system, portable design, high integration degree, and the finished product form supports split expandable or integrated, suitable for family doctors to carry out standardized and full cycle health service scenarios for residents in their jurisdiction.



    Family doctors can easily complete a series of services such as resident health record management, family doctor signing, fulfillment, follow-up, physical examination, health guidance, consultation, etc. through the "workstation operating system" integrated on intelligent PDA devices. And, the operating system supports the "network offline" mode, which can carry out business services normally under limited network usage; After the network is restored, the offline business data will be remotely synchronized. This model can greatly reduce the impact of network environment on business development and expand the radius of basic business services. At the same time, the competent department can conduct real-time and accurate statistical analysis and performance evaluation of the service indicators of the institutions under its jurisdiction through the family doctor comprehensive service management platform.


    The standard configuration of the hardware part of the split expandable workstation includes intelligent PDA devices, digital identity reading devices, and five types of digital medical detection devices, namely digital blood pressure monitors, digital blood glucose meters, digital oximeters, digital frontal thermometers, and digital body fat scales. These devices are all based on our proprietary patented technology - Jianjian? The data robot has undergone digital transformation, achieving automation and paperless services throughout the entire process. Resident identity information and physical sign data are collected, transmitted, and processed with just one click, and synchronized in real-time to the designated assessment system. There is no need for manual transcription, verification, input, upload and other cumbersome processes, greatly reducing the burden on grassroots medical workers and effectively improving the digital and information technology capabilities of grassroots health services, Simultaneously assist the supervisory department in achieving more scientific and efficient quantitative management and performance evaluation.


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